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Gnarly's Vivariums - Pics
Here are a few of my vivariums. I don't have as many as some of the members here but The collection is growing. Slowly.
Right now I'm limited to just one small rack as we don't have a dedicated frog room or basement, yet.

Ten gallon vertical
[Image: 94323cac.jpg]

10 gallon background-less
[Image: d758e704.jpg]

20 gallon long
[Image: beddfb23.jpg]

18x18x24 Exo-terra
[Image: 5b01d21e.jpg]
[Image: 90790661.jpg]

Let me know what you think
Nice. Love the filled in growth of that first vert and the faux root background in the last one.

I do cringe whenever I see oak leaves though. Somehow magnolia leaves look tropical and central American to me.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks for the feedback. The second picture of the Exo terra has magnolia covering the oak. I like the oak and maple to feed the springtails; I seeded the tank and then covered the leaves with a layer of magnolia bit later.
Magnolia is indigenous to south-eastern US though, so it is a bit more topical, but it doesn't always make me think of the jungle.
Love the vines on the exo and nice tanks in general.

I agree with the magnolia leaves, even though I have some in my garden back in here in the UK.
Thanks very much for the comments Paul.
Well, I have a few more tanks now Smile

[Image: C2ED106D-5787-47E8-A961-E5E0095939AE-289...73f8d0.jpg]

[Image: 677DF003-13FA-4EB3-9127-0B631CA09F52-289...3fe2b9.jpg]

I've been meaning to take some shots of individual tanks, I will post them when I get some decent pictures to share.

Here are a few of my frogs:

[Image: image_zps44ba6f23.jpg]

[Image: image_zpsdf0178a0.jpg]

[Image: image_zps3ab6b78c.jpg]

Two Bastimentos & a Standard Imitator.
I'm also keeping azureiventris, leucomelas, Iquitos vents., and Santa Isabels right now. I'll post some pictures as I take them.

Thanks for looking.
Freshly planted Smile

[Image: E20E6D9A-C4D6-4E4C-9A9F-C98541CF29AD-494...0ba5d4.jpg]
Some recent acquisitions


[Image: 03594E9B-30A3-422B-9F68-71CE31779C3C-532...b18f64.jpg]

[Image: 8257E7B1-3122-4D08-B32B-2DBB4614B65A-384...d91a2d.jpg]

Fantasticus Caynarchi

[Image: F636B2E7-FF11-4535-830F-DF0CEC0E9E06-532...47a070.jpg]
Very nice ! Did you go to Georges meet ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:Very nice ! Did you go to Georges meet ?


Yes, I did go to the meet. I actually picked up the vanzolini there.
I was there early, about 12:15-just about 3 or so, because I got stuck working that night.
Looks great! Love the Vanzo's!

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