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Does this look like good setup for 5 Powder Blues?

Im new to dart frogs however would like to know if this setup looks sufficient for 5 powder blues. It is a 29 gallon aquarium w/ a waterfall, pond and tons of cover....I also have an ultrasonic humidifier in there as well...let me know cuz Ive only got 2 in there right now but want more very very very

personally I dont think tinc's should be kept in more than pairs.

I agree with pgb, i would not have a tinc viv with group in there. Even if they are really young. I think no matter what thgre will be a little agresion and competition which would leave one or more frogs stunted or runted.

Having said that i would like to add that your viv is very nice.

I kept a 1:2 of dwarf tincs in a 30 before, there was some agression and many escape route for the less dominant female. I have to agree with the others, I do not think you could keep 5 together in that enclosure. Even if they were 4:1. It is a nice viv!

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