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Superblue Auratus for sale - U.K
Sellers Name and location -Stuart Philpott, west midlands,England UK
[References upon request, or iTrader review] none: first frogs we are selling
Species - Auratus
Line/Origin - We have managed to trace this line back to UE and beyond to SNDF
Code -
Age - around 4 months
Quantity and sex (if possible) -several :roll: unsexed
Price - £40
Group Prices - open to offers
Preferred Payment Method - cash on collection or paypal
Shipping Rates & information - collection only,at present
Pictures - see my room thread,will get some individual pics up shortly

Big strong slightly chubby,possibly the only ones being bred here at the moment,taking mels hydei white woods springtails aphids.Fed a varied diet including live food as tadpoles,incredibly productive parents producing strong little ones,right from the off we have seen no sls .

Pics as promised
[Image: IMG_2885.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2884.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2883.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2882.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2880.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2880.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2886.jpg]
WOW Stu !!! very nice - do yours keep the dark or does it turn grey? How bold are they? I might have to hunt some down in the states.

Scott - North Dallas
RanaVenenosa Wrote:WOW Stu !!! very nice - do yours keep the dark or does it turn grey? How bold are they? I might have to hunt some down in the states.

Hey Scott,cracking aren't they,thankyou. We are both really proud of them,these are bolder than their parents,i guess its the time we spend with them. The parents vary one the male very shy,one female abit bolder and the other female quite bold,we see 3 basic colour patterns 2 above the photos don't show it to well but some are the most amazing turquoise some a more understated metallic blue and some carry very little blue, which is appearing in the later hatches.Ours we got as kids back around march so i can't really say what the eventual ground colour will be, i suspect it will stay as a dark brown,but paler than what they are now.We have younger panama specials,that have just started to breed,they are already showing signs that the ground colour will turn to the grey that you are referring to,one can see the center of the ground colour,reticulation,getting paler already.I'm lead to believe this will continue to slowly change over time for around 3 yrs .So i suspect that these super blues will not change so much.
To aid you in your quest over there,i can tell you that these were bred at understory,in Canada and they originated at sndf,well to the best of my knowledge anyway,unfortunately i can't prove this the usual no paper work,although i have talked to Mark Pepper,about then quite abit. They seem really strong Scott,if one take into account how easily we as beginners have found them to keep and breed,great frogs,we wouldn't want to be without them. Oh and quite a big morph i suspect,although difficult to be sure for me,as we haven't seen that many full grown morphs,our big female is only topped sizewise by our Attachibakkas,at the moment,cirtainly bigger than our luecs, to give some form of reference
Very nice Stu!!
cbreon Wrote:Very nice Stu!!
Cheers Craig,you guys will make dart breeders of us yet hey mate :lol: ,thankyou again for your kindness,

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