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First Viv. 1st Post

Ok, Well first off, my name is Donald. I live in S. Florida. Now, with that out of the way..2nd..don't laugh, this is my first vivarium. I just finished it tonight, so it has a bit of filling in to do. It's a 20gallon. There are 6 or 7 different species (or morphs at least) of broms. in there. A bit of carpet moss, a random fern, and peacock fern. Oh and there's also a pothos type guy on the left. There's a water fall on the left, and a waterfall/stream on the right. Let me know what you all think.
P.S.~> Sorry for the bad quality pics.

Another pic

beautiful tank...what is the plant in the second pic between the crypts and broms?

Hey thanks alot!!
That plant is local (Florida) orchid. I forget the name, it's Cata something... I'll find out an PM you with the answer when I get it.

This is my first post too!

Very nice setup, I like the clear water! Im gonna post a pic of my new setup-but Ill start a new thread as not to steal this one.

That looks bigger than a 20 gallon. What kind of powerhead/filter are you using?
Great start! Thumbs up Confusedhock:

[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

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