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Exo cube

Here's my temporary holding tank till my other one is completely finished. It's the 12' cube. I replaced the top with plexiglass. The spaces on the sides are and front are big enough for FF to get out, so I saw no need to seal them.
Also some of my little ones...

Sorry, Meant the cracks on the front and side are NOT large enough for FFs to get through.

It looks good. Is that a exoterra small waterfall in the back right? If so you did a great job making it look more natural. Congratulations oh having doors that fit well enough for no escaped ff's. I too have wanted a couple of the cubes but, everyone I've seen it the stores have had big enough gaps for ff's to escape. Unfortunately I haven't seen an attractive mod yet either. Looks great enjoy.

Hey thanks for the comment.
To answer your question, Yes that is the Exo Small Waterfall.

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