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New to site
Hello folks, thanks for having me here. I am here to gain friends and contacts for the most part. If anyone needs anything or I can help with something, please let me know.

Thanks Smile
Welcome to Dart Den !

I know a few guys trying the tiny newly hatched roaches of some species for the larger Dart Frogs - P. Terribilis. Not sure the species and at what stage of growth (roach).

Can you post a thread on a species and feeding out recommendation sometime ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
sure can what room should i put this in? I am guessing that it would be the b.dubia roach. I have a friend that has frogs and feeds them dubia roaches and meal worms.
Place the thread in the "feeding" subforum or anyhwere if you have problems...I can always move it later.

Mealworms are a big no-no for Dart Frogs. I'm pretty sure the chitin is really rough on a dart frogs digestive system. Most species of Dart Frogs are "specialty" feeders and only take tiny prey - mites, small ants, flies, isopods and springtails.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
didnt know that about the meal worms, i learn something new every day, i will try to get that posting done today, i have to go to court later today, but will get it done tonight

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