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Frogs not eating after move
I traveled 7 1/2 hours on the road on Monday, the 19th so its been 4 days and they still aren't eating. They are also not active at all, they are crouching up in the upper corners and under leaves. I am getting a little concerned they are not moving and not eating. Is this common, and how long does it take them to relax. Did the move just freak them out? They were in the front seat in the U haul with me, and I use an auto mister. They stayed in their normal tank. I am leaving this afternoon and wont be back until the evening on Monday the 26th. Thanks
2 young leuc
Sounds normal - stress from the move and traffic. Try to not disturb the viv and feed so many flies that the un-eated flies are crawling everywhere. 2-3 days of stress and less movement is normal IMO. Give it a few days. They are probably eating some flies that you are not there to observe.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I agree, I've had frogs take up to a week to relax and act normal. Some took less than a day. Depends on the frog.

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