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2x29 gal walkaround display

Tank is finally done. Sorry about the quality - always looks better in person. What I'm shooting for here is to look like a base of a tree. In the four quarters I have azureus, leucs, brazilian tincs, green auratus. Props to MantellaPrince for great plants. Two waterfalls, Running 2x55 power compacts, Great Stuff + Silicone magic, used pieces of root from a fruit tree.
[Image: IMG_Full_Tank.jpg]
[Image: IMG_S_Tank.jpg]
[Image: IMG_E_Tank.jpg]
[Image: IMG_N_Tank.jpg]
[Image: IMG_SE_Tank.jpg]
[Image: IMG_AZ1.JPG]
[Image: IMG_AZ2.JPG]

Do the frogs show any aggressivenesss through the glass?

Looks good btw.

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