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First Eggs!

These eggs were laid yesterday by a probable pair of Azureus I purchased at the Sacramento Reptile show in October.
The frogs exhibited the classic mating behavior. The female chased the male around the enclosure gently tapping him on his back. They retreated to the cocohut.... I pulled the eggs after 48 hours. Time will tell if they are fertile. I placed them in an incubator ( 5 gal tank with heater and water reservoir on egg crate shelf) .[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]

Congrats. You'll know in under 2 days, if they are good. Sometimes small clutches like that, don't seem to be fertile but no worries - ya got a definite pair and they will keep going !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Yes, the eggs appear to be infertile. Sad
However, I was able to observe them on the dissecting scope I received as a
Christmas gift from my dad! I have attached a photo taken through the scope.
I am looking forward to my next clutch of eggs. This is a fascinating hobby!
Thank you again for your input.

Congrats thats awesome! I know the feeling! I was totally stoked with my first eggs as well! Just give them another chance or two and you will be golden!

Thanks, TJ

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