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New Ranitomeya ? Golden Frog...
"Golden Frog" ?....


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I believe this is an adinobates bombetes, and I know that MPepper/UE has plans to bring in a variety of new adinobates/ranitomeya from Colombia in the next couple years. I think the frog you have pictured above is from Colombia, here is a link including a bunch of adinobates, some really nice looking frogs! One is granulated almost like a granuliferous... ... bates.html
#3 ... n_Colombia

This frog is not far from where the UE F1 Truncatus were collected (close to Bogota) - logistics would sure favor Mark being able to import this frog, although its rare in the wild so not sure how that will faire.

Scott - North Dallas
If I'm not mistaken, Andinobates bombetes tends to be a redder frog. This video looks more like Andinobates tolimense - specially the Andinobates sp. aff. tolimense from Supatá, Colombia that is pictured in the recent Ranitomeya revision by the guys at
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