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Are Scots trying to drive the English out using dart frogs ?
Who doesn't love Sean Connery ?


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Nah they already did that,its that food made from various nasty things called a hagis :lol: that was the killer blow,ahh man ya gotta love em,hard bastard you have to be to run around up there in a skirt with nought to keep stuff warm :roll:
Brilliant Phil,see this we understand a raw meat stealing sex offender is just F****ed up this is bloody funny.
Oh and before i start another english scot war,two of the best dartkeeper mates i have are scots,cracking guys.I've actually been watching all the Billy Conolly videos i can so we can actually talk to each other next time we catch up.
Last time it was"Aye will ya looook at thawee bonnie pum"...didn't know WTF they were on about :lol:
Seriously i love the scots,tell ya what those bagpipes make acool sound to :wink:
i best shut up now
proper funny thanks
Class. That vid clearly shows the typical attire of the average scotsman.
Stu i think the bagpipes are maybe used for emulating pum calls 'maybe' lol

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