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Canon PowerShot S95 Review and Appreciaton thread

Just got my new S95 for Christmas. I am not a camera buff and have limited experience w digital photography, although I am prof trained artist and understand composition. Starting a thread to review this affordable camera in hopes others can also provide tips and insights to best maximize the features.

So far I am pleased with camera. It functions great as a point and shoot. The small size makes it a perfect grab and go unit. It can handle low light, which helps offset the limitations inherit w compact cameras. The video is 720 HD. I shot a test video of the sloth at Dallas World Aquarium and it came out fantastic. Sound quality is also very nice given the small size of the camera. The overall image is very stable and should prove helpful for future DIY videos I plan to make.

My unit has a 16g card, which seems more than adequate for my current use. This camera does not use std batteries, you must purchase the special lipo unit. I just ordered a back up for convenience.

The default setting is "fine" - on auto setting, the pics avg 1-3 mb in JPEG format. The camera allows RAW, but I am not ready for that level yet. Lots of reading and study will be required for me to crack the potential of this little gem.

Expect more comments in coming months.


Scott - North Dallas

If you dont mind Rich, just splicing your helpful comment over here for benefit of any to follow info on the Canon

by RichFrye ยป Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:11 pm

RanaVenenosa wrote:
btw - to answer your ques on my Camera... I started a post on my Canon in photo section to avoid high jacking his thread, but to your comment I am new to shooting w a quality camera. I was using the stock settings @ Fine quality and JPG format. I also took some video. I used my camera off and on for entire day, but battery pooped out about the time I got to the Maya exhibit.

The video is probably what ate up the memory card. I am very , very surprised you ate up the battery though. Did you charge and discharge it a couple times fully before using it at the zoo? If so, you may have a defective battery. Those new lithium ions should last a couple /few/more times through a full memory card.
How many pics were taken and how much video? How much flash was used?
The Canon forum rates that camera very, very well BTW . I shoot Canon DSLRs now and am very happy with the company as a whole.

Scott - North Dallas

No issue w memory - sorry if that was not clear. But, I only did one charge. I shot a few pics of my frogs day after Christmas, then took the zoo trip. I only had the flash on when i was trying to get some close up shots. I could have a bad battery or it just needs to cycle as you mention. I will monitor and when my back up battery arrives and compare if major improvements.

Thx again

Scott - North Dallas

Scott, yup, got the card thing straight in my head now. Most all Li-ion batts need a couple full charge -discharge cycles to reach full charge.

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