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My first viv is set up :)

Nothing special to anyone but me, but I'm excited to have finished setting up my first viv. Everything but frogs are in there now.
It's very simple, even plain I'd say. Decided to stay away from the GS & go only natural, so no nice artful BG or anything like so many awesome ones I've seen. But inhabitable still Smile.
Probably the only one I'll get to do, unless our house magically grows more space.
I can't wait to find the inhabitants!

In central NY

R. Imitator 'Cainarachi Valley' 2.3.0
R. Imitator 'Cainarachi Valley' Froglets 8 and counting.

Very cool Lisa...happy for ya. Just wait until you get the little guys and you start to care for them .Very enriching life experience IMO.


then you are hooked !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Congrats Lisa - yeah, once you get your frogs you will find it more satisfying to view than 99% of TV programs. Don't worry if it seems simple at first... It will take on a personality of its own over time anyway. The added dimension of frogs will make it all the more exciting.


Scott - North Dallas

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