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Adding additional dart frogs?
I Have a 20 gallon tank viv, It has one bumblebee dart frog in it. I want to get an other frog or 2. My questions are do I have to stick with the same kind of frog or are there any other type that is ok the coexist in the same viv? Also am I going to have a problem adding more frogs with the original bumblebee? Meaning is the original frog going to hurt or kill anything else I add to the viv. Does anyone know of anywhere locally to the Scranton, Pa area to get frogs? I purchased my bumblebee frog from a store for $50.00, was that a good price? Sorry for being a newbie and asking so many questions. Thank you very much in advance for any help offered.

Scranton, Pa
Hi Jim,
In a tank that size you would be fine adding one more leucomelas, possibly two depending upon how it is set up. Most keepers (the responsible ones at least) avoid mixing species/morphs/localities in a tank. There are just so many things that can go wrong (introduction of novel pathogens, interspecific aggression, improper conditions for both frogs, etc...) you are almost guaranteed a better experience if you stick with one type of frog. A simple search on mixing would be a good idea. If you do decide to get more leucs, I would suggest quarantining the new frogs for a few weeks, getting fecals run would be a great idea as well. When you introduce them to the viv, moving around plants, wood, etc...would be smart (i.e. it seems like "new" territory to all frogs involved).There are plenty of froggers near you and leucs are pretty common, so posting a wanted ad may be fruitful.
Good Luck,
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Hi Jim. A wanted ad here should get you multiple offerings of Leucs in a radius close to you. The latest rates are anywhere from $25 to $40, depending on size mainly.

You should try to acquire new frogs that are very similar in size. Large size differences can lead to stress and bullying.

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Post up a pic or 2 of it and have somebody take a shot at sexing it as well, closer the better. If your looking to find a mate, so your not shooting in the dark.
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