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Gator Boys on Animal Planet
Hmmm....kinda interesting show somehow. Even though there are hundreds of Alligator shows on TV, this one somehow comes across as "fresh" me anyhow.

I have a friend of mine in a supporting role - he gets a few cameos and some speaking parts.

I think I could do something like that....seriously.

"Frog Boyz" - Animal Planet at 9pm time slot (due to swearing and adult language that I will insist is built into my contract).

Will be kinda hard to stick our heads into the frogs mouth, but maybe we can stick the frogs head into OUR mouths.

I'll need a co-host. Maybe Rich. I bet a lot of people would tune into that for a variety of reasons. it would also have a dash of Anthony Bourdain. We would get blotto and field herp .Visit and review local brothels and cantinas. heh

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
First episode could be frog boyz in search of the colorado river toad :lol:, Anthony Bourdain could demonstrate 'alternative' uses of the toad
You KNOW he's licked a Toad or two already....Bourdain is cool like that.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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