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Waterfall - How important ?

I really don't want to build a water fall system in my Viv, I just want to make sure that If I just hand mist it 1-2 a day and watch the humidity level that that is fine. Right ?

Still trying to figure out draining...

I don't have a waterfall in any of my tanks. I have a small pool of water for soaking and then I mist daily. I use About 4 inches of Hydroton and then put Spag moss then soil on top. This way the water drains off the soil.

Ok cool

I think it will have the same effect if I put gravel then put screening with the subtrate on top Smile

Once the water drains to the gravel...what is the best way to drain that?

You can leave a little pool of water. But when it gets to high i use a turkey baster. What kind of frogs are you gonna be putting in here?

I'll do that.

I'm just getting really paranoid (if it doesn't show Tongue) that everyone seems to have a waterfall. My three goals:

-No waterfall
-No false bottom
-lots of breeding

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