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Tops for Tanks - a DIY w/pics
I thought I'd do a post about how we do our lids and screen. We've been asked several times and it's hard to explain.

Pictures say a thousand words, so here we go...

The screen parts are avaliable at home depot. The screen itself, is called micro mesh and is avaliable at canadian tire. It has a purple wrapper on it.

Screen corners. These are easy but you can get the mitered corners as well.

[Image: dBLOA.jpg]

You can cut the frame with a hacksaw. Go slow, it's only aluminum and is very soft.

[Image: dCeKi.jpg]

Spline. Size is on the bag. To small of spline and the screen won't be tight and can slip out. To big and well, it won't fit the grove.

[Image: dCLa9.jpg]

Screen installed. You'll need a splining tool. Cheap...

[Image: dDe5S.jpg]

Trim the excess and your done.

[Image: dDqzA.jpg]

Remove the tabs on the sides of the top with a saw and then snap them off at the bottom. Only on Exo's or zoo meds. I used 5mm glass for this tank. 22 3/4"s wide. It's plenty sturdy. Undersize the glass and screen a bit. I did 3/16" less on both. A longer tank would require thicker glass. Remember to predrill for your misting nozzle if needed. I almost forgot on this one. I would have been choked.

[Image: dDy30.jpg]

I tape the area off to be siliconed. Silicone is messy. Use a wet finger to get a nice look.

[Image: dDUvi.jpg]

All done and the tape is removed while it's still wet.

[Image: dE3tS.jpg]

Hope this helps some people out. Smile
Found the micro mesh on-line! ... B0022NH8FS
Lowes and HomeDepot require special order on no seeums screen - pain in the.... I will use this link next time I stock up on mesh - Very helpful post Glenn!
Scott - North Dallas
Thanks Scott!
I like to have Lowes order the No-see-um's not a problem. It's more of a plastic or even fabric than a metal though, I think.

Is the mesh def metal / screen, Glenn ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
hey Phil
fyi - I double checked, the stuff on Amazon is fiberglass mesh not metal. Yeah, I would never use metal.

Scott - North Dallas
It's Fiberglass screen, Phil. Regular window screen, just a tighter weave.
gotcha, thanks.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Awesome write up. I have been wondering. I found a guy that makes them for cheap so I generally buy them pre made but I might take a stab at making a few of my own, maybe for a vert 29 gallon.

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