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Just a short introduction

Hi there,

think it's decent to introduce myself before posting any ads for the English issue of Dendrobatidae Nederland, the Dutch association of poison frog keepers.

My name is Ingmar, I'm a boardmember of DN association and also the coordinator of the English magazine.

For now, January 2012, already the fourth issue is released and available in our web shop.

About me: I'm keeping Phyllobates lugubris, bicolor and vittatus, Epipedobates anthonyi, Ranitomeya lamasi, Mannophryne olmonar and Hyloxalus azureiventris. One eye catcher in the living room: a 200 lenght by 70 depht and 100 high tank (centimeters).
I'm always busy, so most likely not that much on this great forum, but mail will always be answered:, or for questions about the magazine.

Here some info about our association:
Dendrobatidae Nederland (DN)

Dendrobatidae Nederland is a leading international association of poison dart frog (Dendrobatidae) enthusiasts and people keen on other kinds of tropical frogs. The association aims to promote appreciation of nature, and to bring about its conservation. Within these objectives, emphasis is on the rainforests of Middle and South America and Madagascar, and on the (poison dart) frogs inhabiting these regions in particular. To these ends, Dendrobatidae Nederland maintains close contacts with various national and international organisations, universities, and the IUCN, as well as providing financial support to the ProAves Amphibian Nature Reserve Ranita Dorado in Colombia, among other beneficiaries.

Our main objective is realised by encouraging captive breeding of frogs, in order to reinforce protection of frogs in their natural biotopes. An essential aspect of this process is spreading information relating to tending and breeding of Dendrobatidae and other tropical frogs among as wide an audience as possible. Developments in various areas are monitored closely, and if required, Dendrobatidae Nederland will take action to actively meet its objectives. Research into and combating of the Chytrid fungus both in hobby and nature settings is an example of such action.

Dendrobatidae Nederland was founded in 1989, in response to the increasing interest in poison dart frogs in particular. Communication with our readers occurs by means of a full-colour magazine published quarterly in Dutch. Twice a year, an English magazine is distributed globally, containing (semi-)academic articles as well as articles focusing on hobby aspects. In addition, Dendrobatidae Nederland runs a lively Website with a highly active forum:

Dendrobatidae Nederland has multiple regional workgroups that meet regularly. Twice every year, a frog exhibition of international renown is organised. All this is competed into a unified whole by organising symposium meetings, featuring lectures by various prominent experts.

Presently, in 2012, the association is in top shape, serving over 1,200 enthusiastic, expert, and academic members in the Netherlands and abroad.

Best regards,

Welcome Ingmar !

Please enjoy yourself here.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I will, Phil, thanks. Great site you have here, I didn't knew about it before your pm at, I think it was, Dendroboard.

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