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Start with the search function here and old threads first.
The search function is found on the top right of any given page. Our particular search plug-in works REALLY well and finds all sorts of relevant threads.

Please use it and go to some threads FIRST, before starting a whole new thread / topic.

It's easier to tack your questions onto existing threads than make new ones. Not trying to be dismissive but in terms of sheer efficiency, chances are, your question has been asked and responded to, 2-3 other times in other threads.

Please do not feel squeamish about "Jacking" someone else's thread with your newb questions, because that's EXACTLY the way it works and it's proper - tacking your question onto a relevant existing thread, no matter how old it is.

1. Search Function
2. Read
3. Read some more
4 .Post onto a relevant existing thread
5. Make a new thread / topic if you cannot find a similar existing thread.

and's "all good" and no one's gonna jump all over you for a breach of Forum "etiquette".

When in about 8)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
wow....I just saw someone get completely bent when posting a thread asking for info and then getting replied to an exiting thread.

Yikes...I do that all the time - reply with a hyperlinked thread.

I can see if some just said...'hey, use the search function butt-head".....but man....people are getting way too sensitive, thin-skinned and pissed off.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Sometimes it's hard when you try to search and you get 50 pages of stuff to look through. When I first came to this site, I felt overwhelmed which is why I was lazy and just started a new thread asking questions. Now, I'm used to it and enjoy reading through the extra threads to find the answer I'm looking for. Many times, you've bumped threads up for me to make them easier to find, which was really appreciated.
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