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Lots of Froglets for sale

I have quite a few extra mouths I need to move out so I can make room for new frogs. Here is what I have available.

20 Leucs - 2-5 months ootw
5 bakhuis tincs - 3-4 months ootw
3 azeurus- 3-4 months ootw
3 panamanian auratus- 5 months ootw

I am asking $25 ea. Anyone who buys 5 or more gets them for $20 ea. Also, if anyone is interested in the entire lot, let me know and we can work something out.

I will ship using the best carrier available provided temps are ok on both ends. If buyer has a preference, let me know and I can accommodate.

That's a GREAT price !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I actually need to edit that. Is there a way to change my post? As a correction, 5 or more is $22 each. What I put doesnt make sense. Anyone interested in larger (10+) lots will get them for $20 each. Sorry for the confusion.

Pm'd you with no reply. Email me if you have any luecs left.

Email sent

do you have any left. thanks

PM sent

Do you currently have any azureus for sale? I am in San Antonio and would love to buy one. You can email me at Thanks! Jeanne

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