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Hvac for frogroom ?

Im looking for any ideas regarding climate control in my frog room. I have a 13x25 foot shop very well insulated with 100amp service and back up power slowly being transformed into my frog room. Its heated by electric baseboard and cooled by a window unit right now. This works and temps stay in the mid 70's at day and mid 60's at night but i'm looking for something a little more efficient and with more precise control. Spring is the biggest headache. You never know what temps may be. So a unit that would be able to turn on the heat when needed and then back to air would be ideal. Any thoughts or ideas. Ive searched the net but most units are for larger spaces or whole buildings. Thanks Garrick

Garrick H.

I've never heard of a heat/ac- both unit, affordable and commonly used. I always went with a small electric space heater. The bigger, or should I say, more difficult issue is cooling. The "Chinese inside" AC units are now under $300.00 I think. Most brands are dependable and they are really flexible to use.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I guess what I really need is a thermostat or control that would be able to switch between the two. I do know they make home thermostats that will do that. I guess I could put in a small residential hvac and run it off a similar control. My biggest issue is during the spring. The weather may call for 45-50 during the day and so you dont need the ac but next thing you know its warmer then expected that day and the room is over heating.

Garrick H.

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