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What plant would be good for my Viv ?

I am starting my first viv for azureus and I was wondering what are some affordable, awesome plants and ivy that my frogs will utilize.

Please describe some plants that might be good for them.

The viv is only 20 inches tall so not too many tall plants can fit.

also I want some with small root systems so I can plant them in basket pots on my back wall.

Thank you !

hey nate,

check out cloud jungle epiphytes website. they specialize in vivarium plants, have good prices, and the site has tons of pics to help you see what you might like. Ace King on this site also sells plants, but there is no website so you sort of need to know what you want already.

Im going to local stores to buy some so I would love specic names

to use nursery grown plants you must remove all the soil that they came in and rinse them for 20-30 minutes in the shower to try to remove all pesticides and fertilizers. it's easier to use simpathetic suppliers. pothos, prayer plants, philodendrons and bromeliads are popular viv plants which are common enough to get locally.

Look for the "Exotic Plants" line of plants and find plants native to the country or area of your frogs. Most of my tanks are full of $2 plants I got at home depot. But for broms, you can't beat Jace.

Jace is great for broms. Though I have only had one order with him so far I'm looking forward to my next. His shipping rates also are the next best thing to free. Free something I have never gotten on a mail order shipment of anything ever. I go to a local nursery here in SF and buy fittonia, creeping fig, pothos, birds nest fern, philodenron all for the wopping price of $3. each. A little pricier than home depot, but closer and I can go on my lunch hour. Just go to a nursery and see what catches your eye. Ask a few grow questions. Like light, size, growth rate, how much moister can it tollerate? Go to a smaller place for the one on one advice take notes and then go to home depot to save a few bucks.

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