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55 gallon divided tank ok ?
I am wanting input for turning a 55 gallon into a Dart Frog tank separated into three segments 16 inches each in length. Do you think this would be enough for a male and female in each ?
Adequate space depends on what species you are interested in.

Keep in mind that shared enclosures, substrate and glass will allow for ease of transfer of pathogens and disease.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
55 divided into 2 sections would be decent enough for many species, not sure about 3 sections though...

With 2 section you will have about 300 square inches of floor space and about 400 square inches of background space.

With 3 section you are only looking at only 200 square inches of floor space and 250 square inches of background space.

Some things to consider:

A standard 20 gallon aquarium had about 280 Square inches of floor space and about 380 square inches of background space. A 20 gallon is thought by many to be the smallest tank you should use for an adult pair of frogs, but many would argue that larger should be used.

An 18" cube Exoterra tanks is going to have about 320 square inches of space for the floor and background...

Obviously this does depend on the frogs you are keeping. A pair of thumbs in each tri section may work, but again, most will argue that bigger is better.

I vote 2 sections. This gives me an idea for my 80 gallon tank...
Thank you all. I'll go with 2 then not 3
Keep in mind what Phil stated said above.

What goes 'wrong' in one side could also easily effect the other.

Make sure you understand the quarantine process.
I would have one species in a 55g. Since a 55 is so high, I would create a tier edge along the back and maybe one on the side to increase your surface area. If your keep a smaller frog like Variabilis, Anthonyi or Truncatus, you could have a colony of 6 -7 and enjoy some real community dynamic. Or if you want a bigger frog w color that will jump out, get 4-5 Terribs or bicolors. I think you would really get the most enjoyment w a setup as described and avoid the pitfalls of mixing species via dividers.
Scott - North Dallas

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