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Vivarium build, Will take a LONG time.
Okay so I have tons of time to think while i am waiting at work. Not that this idea wasn't around before i got this job, just didn't have the money for it then. Now i have the money but not the time..... most weeks i am doing about 100 hours. So this project will be long and drawn out, hopefully that will allow it to be done right.

So here are the basics. Free standing on wheels 6 foot tall with the wheels. 4 foot across the front, and 32 inches front to back. these are the out side dimensions. there will be a shelf on the bottom for two water storage tanks, one for tap water/ waste water return, might have a filtration system in this tank. and one for RO/DI water for the mister system.

stuff purchased for this project

39.95 Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System 15.51 Kreg SML-C250B-250 Blue-Kote Weather Resistant Pocket Hole Screws - 2 1/2", #8 Coarse, Washer Head, 250 count

That's all i have so far on this project. my drawings are basic. since i have a hard time drawing things out in Power point while seated in the drivers seat of a van. Yes i draw alot of my projects out in Power point, easy to make shapes and copy and paste them. Updates as i make decide things and will post some drawings at some point. or pictures as i start to build.
Alright garage is a mess. Just going to make a box and test some dry lock for water proofing the frame. Will post pics.
So no build so far but i did pull out a tape measure and looked at the interior dimensions of the viv. 25"d 65"w49"t. Yeah I am nuts :-)
Yeah I think I will start posting my thoughts now about some of the build... self contained. Think free standing wardrobe with wheels. A set of drawers under the habitat for sump, di/to water and fly cultures. I have found filters that will release the flies when they are ready to be eaten so these cultures will be plumbed upto the habitat in more than one spot to keep feeding fun and entertaining for the frogs.
Sorry all reposts from another forum
sounds awesome already. This is gonna require a bunch o' pics though...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah. When I get going on it I will. 70+ hours a week these days and now 3 boys to help take care of.
So with a build this size how should I do the drip wall
VERY hard to say. PVC tube is pretty standard but depends how long you want to make it. Take some pics of the pre-build and some better ideas may come to mind.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Not to worked about water delivery just the wall that the water drips onto
Though I think I am going to make fake rock panels out of foam/drylock/concrete/paint. And some PVC fake trees covered in coco husk, with spry foam covering the rest of the walls, looking for fallen tree over a cliff theme.
Okay a small update. Part of the test tank is ready. [Image: IMG_20120206_143145.jpg]
well 2 coats of paint, thinking about putting on a third coat. then 14 days for it to cure, then some silicone, so about 15-16 days and it will be ready for a fill test.

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