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Simple 3 foot Shop Lights ok to use ?

Can I use a 3 foot flourescent light (low watt for minimal heat ) that is just running along top, to light the tank ?

Then, can I also use a plant light on a clamp facing the tank to give more focused light to certain plants ? If so, can anyone give me a specific, good plant light recommendation ?


Enter the word "lighting" in the search block on the top of the page...


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476

hmm you just cant say yes or no that will work?

Would you care for a bit more than a simple yes or no? Would you like more than say one froggers opinion?
Do a simple search my friend.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476

Ok well from reading that...I think its safe to use 3 foot florecent normal bulb for just light
and a clamp on plant light..for faster plant growth and healthy plants

anybody verify that that is good?

i'm not sure what you mean by clamp on , but make sure to use a thermometer and play around with the setup to make sure your viv is not running too hot for the frogs.

I will use a clamp on light [Image: 9119727002b.jpg]

and use a plant bulb in that for the plants...and I will have the normal florecent bulbing running the length of tank just for lighting purposes

Why not spend the few dollars and buy light tubes that emite light in the 5-6500k color range and skip the clamp on light? You will spend more on the frogs than you will on the bulbs. The critters dont need much light so it all depends on what you are trying to grow. Stick with low light plants and you do not need tons of lights.

So what is a good bulb to get for my plants? I only need one light then...plants only

Does the light have to be a plant light that gives nutrients like the sun or do the plants just need light in general....light florecent

Can someone give me the exact brand and model and how many lights they have on there viv

Look for a bulb that fits your fixture in the 5000k to 6500k color range. This will be on the bulb. Name brand is not important it just needs to fit your fixture. The bulb will run you ABOUT 7-15 bucks and should be good for 6months to a year.

I personally have a large tank so i run 3x36 watt 6500k CF lights and 2x13 watt UVA/UVB bulbs. This would probably roast your frogs in a smaller tank.

Okay first off I dont get all this...I dont get what color range is and all this.....all I really want to know to start is what I need to get

My tank is-

3.5 long
20 inches tall
and about 14 inches deep

All bulbs have a color range. Plants like the 5000k to 6500k color range. This will be on the bulb or package when you buy them. They even have these at home depot, lowes etc.. You just need to look around.

The frogs dont need much light the lights are for your plants. So its not according to the tank size ( although the general rule of thumb i have heard is 2 watts per gallon). Its ccording to the types of plants you are putting in the tank. If you have low light plants, pothos, most ferns you will not need much light. In my experience if you want to grow moss or broms you will need more light. There is no Right answer. Some people have tons of lights and some people have less lights.

As a word of caution take your time setting this tank up. Frogs can live a long time if cared for in the correct way. Get the tank setup how you like and monitor the humidity and temps until you get it to the right range then worry about the type of frogs or when you will get them. Also make sure you have fruit fly cultures going WELL before you buy and frogs. I would recommend 2-3 months of your tank being setup before you get any frogs. I personally had my tank setup for 1.5 years before any frogs were purchased, thats extreme but i was tinkering with everything until i was happy.

So I should only need the one bulb for the plants? (the full spectrum one)

Also, I figured id order the bulb off the internet but I cant find any of those bulbs to show color range

I just wondering how many lights I need. Just the one long fluorescent 5000k-6500k one for plants... is that all ?

For the frogs, yes. They do not require lots of light.

The catch 22 here is the plants. Its all relative depending on the plants you put in. 2 watts per gallon seems to be a good starting point.

I'll post in a minute, some links to bulbs. But I do not know what kind of fixture you have so you will need to find the specifics. I personally went with CF lights from ahsupply. The kits do run hot though so I have 4 computer fans cooling off my hood. This does not seem to be the route you want to take.

For starters: has lights

This site also has lots of options: You will want to look up lights that would be used in FRESH water planted aquarium. And all lights will have a color index number. 5000k to 6500k or so is a good range for plants.

this link will put you in the freshwater planted aquarium section. Now you just need to match up your fixture with the right bulb.

When you are done with the VIV you will have all sorts of knowledge about strange things. Just wait until you get into breeding fruitflys and springtails... hehe Keep firing the questions. Im trolling at work.

I have a 36" fluorescent light fixture that runs about length of tank and I also have a clamp light that can be used for compact fluorescent.

Do the bulbs need to give off UVB and UVA ? I dunno the exact plants I want...I kinda what some ivy....moss...ferns along those lines. Can you recommend me a specific light(s) ?

It doesn't matter whether compact or long fluorescent...i'll use either one.

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