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first time breeder long time hobbyist
hi i have a mixed tank with 3 leucamailas and two aratus'.i know mixing is frowned upon but all 5 frogs were purchased and interduced to the viv at the same time.there now nice and fat and a year and a half old,but i have yet to hear any calling i know the aratus is quite,but im almost positive i have 5 females!ive even induced a dry period shuting the water down n misting only when needed.after two weeks of this i was going to start a rainy season,but is it worth it if there not even calling?should i just order some adult males? i also have two o.pumilo's just brought them home was told there a sexed pair but they seem to what age does o.pumilo reach maturity?theres a large pear shaped n the other is smaller and has a more narrow body.more interested in my adults that arent breeding!please help!
Hi, and welcome to Dart Den.

We are here to help, but you are correct when you say that mixing is frowned upon by the majority of the hobby.

Are you actively trying to breed the Leucs with the auratus ? If so, why ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
no absolutely not!i bought the frogs two years ago n was "misinformed"that both frogs were from the tinc family and could be housed together, by the vendor. After lots of research I am now ready to breed them. I know the frogs shouldn't be housed like that but Ive kept them this way cause of no fighting and no obvious stress on the frogs. The only time they interact is at feeding time other than that they keep to ther own. My leucs like it up high either in the photos at the top of the viv or on the wood.the auratus stay at the bottom in one of many huts or they go in the back in the photos by the bottom of the drip wall. I would never think of interbreeding the frogs.
my second setup is for o.pumilo only ill admit it was a mistake mixing my leucs and auratus' but ive seen no courting at all,no calling i think i gota tank of gals.?im gettin a larger setup to house the frogs seperately and purchase some adult males for both,but i thought id get some opinions on here first......
Ok...I see. Sounds good. The benefits of housing them seperately will def be worth it.

Pumilio males can sometimes call @ 6 months - sometimes more, sometimes less. Hard to say. They are tricky to sex at times.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
so whatdya think they all gals?there all nice n plump n pear shaped for the most sacs under there throats,n they never wrestle or call.could there be somthing wrong?i know im off topic but about how big will my pums get?ive been told .5" to 2"?is this true.
Hard to tell. close up pics of them would help. Sometimes frogs will never breed even though there are 2 sexes present. It is far from easily done (breeding). I think the fact that it is sometimes done by novices ect, makes it SEEM easy...

pums can get 22mm....@ 1.5 inches, snout to vent. Again, depends on the morph. Some are bigger than others.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
i tried tp upload more pics but it says im unable contact admin...i was only able to upload one of my pumilio n a shot of my leucs n auratus viv...
did you try this pic upload method ?

Should you wish to be able to upload your pics directly from your's as easy as selecting the "Upload attachment" file right below the post text's light brown in colour. Click the "Bowse" button even thought it doesn't "seem clickable" and find your file on your Computer. Then click the "add the file" button to the right of the "Browse" button. the "Submit" button.

To recap:

1. Click "Upload attachment" tab under the comment box.
2. Click "Browse" button
3. Find your Chosen file on your Computer
4. Click the "Add the File" button
5. Add a comment/description of the image
5. Click "Submit"

P.S The above is strictly for posting a pic to a simple thread or other posting. It should not be confused with a Gallery or Album posting, although they are just as easy to do.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Sorry I took so long.but it keeps saying page trying to view contains postdata n won't let me put up pics?I took new ones n can put some of them up?I'm still tryin.thanx for the help.
I'm tryin to upload more pics but am having's two of my leucs...
It keeps saying the page I'm trying to view contains "postdata" and won't let me put my pics up ?
Your 2 pics above - the leuc and the auratus are showing up nicely. Good size and resolution too. Sometimes the Gallery here can seem cantankerous and may give you a text message but even so, you will still be able to post the pic.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Just wonderin u think its a gal?
One of my O.pumilio supposed male, but it does resemble one...
any thoughts?opinions?would b gr8ly appreciated...
Impossible to sex a pumilio from a pic like that.

If it calls - it's a Male

If it lays eggs - it's a Female

and if it still never calls or lays eggs - it may be a submissive male or a female that never lays.

Seriously, not trying to be funnny...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
N what about the leucs n auratus'?
Have only had the pums for about a week now so I think there juvs.still...n I don't wanna get to close for pics so I don't spookem still tryin to let them settle in....can u tell the species frm that pic?I was told ophaggee pumilio.sorry for the horrid
Hi homer from england,buddy i'm a year in so note that,do you realise that there is a potential for luecs and auratus to actually produce hybirds? i might of missed that you had actually realised this,i realise you intend to separate them,but its good to know why this is so important. our luecs fellas called quite young.Our auratus only seem to call when,we are about to get eggs. As far as telling you which sex your frogs are,on these not the pums i can't be of much help,both species are difficult to tell,the usual parameters apply females tend to be larger more thick set ,but man it doesn't always work like this.I'll note for you that our leuc males are smaller and rounder of body our confirmed female is lower slung in the body,rounding up before eggs are laid and much larger.I'll add that we still have one leuc we are unsure of,i'd guess its a she,when i see her lay eggs i'll know Big Grin
I'll chuck in the bit that makes me me now,if your right and do have all girls you have a wonderful oppurtunity to get some unrelated males in for them once you have split then into their new vivs,to kick start your breeding. I'm sure Phil and the guys will be able to point you in the right direction,i'd imagine a young calling male leuc will be easier to find.
Oh one final thing female auratus will wrestle and scrap i've seen it
take care

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