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Hookworm and driftwood
I have a very expensive/beautiful peice of petrified drift wood which was housed in a terrarium for months with frogs diagnosed with hookworm. I would like to use the wood in the next terrarium I'm building but I don't know if putting in a brand new terrarium will infect it. Does anyone know if I can transfer it from one to the other without concern for worms coming with it OR is there a way to ensure the hookworms are all removed? I have heard submerging the peice of wood in distilled water for a couple weeks would kill the worms or baking it in the oven for 10 minutse at 200 degrees would also work. None of the suggestions I have received are definate. Any insight you guys have would be really beneficial. Thanks.
hmm...very hard to say definitely.

What I would do, is a regime of 5% bleaches, soaking as you say in distilled water and also baking it, either outside in high temps in a black trash bag or the kitchen oven (don't burn it).

Nothing is 100% certain, but if you put that kind of work into it...should be reasonably safe.

Sorry I can't give you more / piece of mind.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Well i do know my old local vet would recommend treating hookworm in dogs only in the winter. She said that the cold would kill any hookworm Outside in the yard from feces. Otherwise you dog could just keep contracting it everytime they go outside. I would think it couldn't survive a 275 degree extensive bake either.
I Allways bake at 275 to 300 but i keep a very close eye on it so they don't burn. I see your in MI. i would think repeated bleach, bake, freeze cycles would do the trick but i can't give you a for sure answer. any reason you can't just go find another peice outside you really like and bake it.

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