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arboreal vs. Terrestrial
Hi to everyone on this great site!

- I have been planning my Vivarium, and lurking arround for about a year now...
My tank is being custummade, using Pilkington "OptiWhite Glass". Measuring: 100x75x50 (Length.xHight.xWide.)
And having a "water feature":
(Reading the whole thread, last page is in particular interesting for me!)

Now I am 99% certain it will a climbing pdf, looking at Ranitomeya... Will it stay in the "hights", and breed there too?
- Or will it need leaflitters at buttom to "deposit" eggs?

If it stays in the hights, can I possibly and without problems keep "ground living" species in there too?
(Also I do not wish to risk a new morph. So please don´t flame me...)

If I am adviced to keep only one, I can have larger portion of floor space in use for a "water feature" keeping a climbing sp?

Flemming, Denmark. ... de-sumaco/
(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)
That's a nice sized enclosure.....99 U.S Gallons, I think. Most U.S hobbyists keep @ 30 gallon tanks.

It would have enough size for your water feature too.

Most "thumbnails" (Ranitomeya) do climb because they are so small, but many species will do a "half and half" and spend some time in the leaf litter. Reticulatus def will. My vanzolinii did both. I think leaf litter is always beneficial in any dart frog tank. I recommend it.

Another species like a pair of Tincs could be done if the tank had some good separation / barriers, heavy plantings and hides ect.There would be no risk of crossbreeding but you would have to watch carefully for stress / feeding and be aware of parasite and disease transmission increase.

Also...if this is your first dart frog vivarium, then you are a newbie and I would always recommend a lot of time spent with a single species enclosure first, before considering something advanced like that.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Aye, yes... I am "toadely" newbie, and any help I can get is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
- This is my first Vivarium, and some change in "carreer" from 25 years in keeping Malawi/ Tanganyika/ Saltwater tanks... Doing research is not new to me, and I am studying hard!
If they are doing "half and half" I will not risk to stress them, I have read they tend to do that if more than one species are kept together. I will listen to your advice and keep only one sp.
Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate!
Flemming, Denmark. ... de-sumaco/
(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)

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