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Hello from new frogger in Jupiter, FL!
Hello all! My name is Anna and I live in the Jupiter/Tequesta area.

I just met a girl who keeps darts, and after excitedly bombarding her with questions, she offered me one of her vivariums! So far, the tank is all I have, and I'm excited to learn more and build a really awesome habitat! I really have no experience with keeping frogs, so any help you can offer is appreciated! I've already done some researching and read some how-tos on this forum (very helpful!!), but I have a lot of work to do before I can actually get any frogs. I'm not sure how practical they would be for a beginner, but I would eventually like to keep strawberry poison dart frogs.

I would love any advice you could offer, and I would particularly like to hear from anyone in the South Florida area! I will also eventually need to find someone to get frogs from in my area!

Hi Anna and Welcome to Dart Den !

There's quite a few northern Fl and Central guys and gals....not too many down near Broward and Dade though for some odd reason.

The "Strawberry dart frogs" are Oophaga pumilio and are not too hard to keep but due to their slightly smaller size, higher price...there are a couple more species that I would recommend over that species. Dendrobates Leucomelas and Tintorious and aurartus are all ideal.

Take your time and spend some time looking around this site -especially the beginner subforum. Chances are, your question has been asked and answered somewhere. Feel free to find another thread that you have a question or comment on, and just tack your post onto it and we will answer.

Enjoy yourself and Welcome to the wonderful world of....Dart Frogs.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hey anna,
Welcome! Im located in Miami and like you ive noticed a lack in fellow froggers in south florida. I started up about 8 months ago and have way to many frogs now lol ( about 54, 15 are breeding pairs ) This hobby is incredbly fun and very addicting lol. Im happy to see a new somewhat local frogger. If youd like to chat or have any questions, this forum is great. If you need help locally feel free to email me @

Like phi said although strawberrys are your goal, id start off with a bigger heartier frogs like tincs or auratus. They are more forgiving of errors and grow big and beautiful.
Welcome, Anna.

I am located in Northern Broward County. If you need anything, feel free to pm through this site. I have been keeping these wonderful animals for over ten years now. So far, the people here have given you spot on advice. I always recommend starting with auratus or leucs. Tincs can be great, but often times a beginner will not notice signs of aggression when their animals reach breeding age. These animals are fairly hearty, but like all amphibians...they can decline at an alarming rate.

I am sure you will do wonderfully!
Hello Anna and welcome to the hobby. If you can make it....post32775.html?hilit=florida meet#p32775
this gathering will be a great place to meet local Florida froggers as well as pick up various plants and supplies. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have. Hope to see you there

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