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Florida/SE Meet -Saturday March 31
I am hosting a frog meet on Saturday March 31, it coincides with the Tropiflora Spring Event, which we will all travel over to (unless someone wants to stay behind and babysit my Neo Mastiff...she is a sweetheart). There are a few travelling down from Georgia for this so you may find a ride if that is your area. I live in Bradenton, FL which is next door to Sarasota, right off of I-75. I am asking all to arrive around noon, we will then make the 5 minute drive over to Tropiflora around 1:15 and spend an hour or 2 (they told me they would set aside a viv friendly discount bin for our first perusal). Let me know if you would like to attend so I can get an accurate head count, food considerations will be figured after I know how many are showing up.

You are welcome to bring frogs, plants, bugs, tanks and anything else frog related to sell or trade.

Big Mark's shin-dig tomorrow. I bet it will be a great time for the Florida frogging community.

I'll be down there full-time here soon....then you'll all see a lot more of me.

Have fun....don't drink and frog.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I had 1 PM, sent address hopefully they will come, lots of fun stuff....poisonbeauties is going to wrastle an alligator, then I will saute and grill it.
pics or it didn't happen....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Mark...can ya post a little review of the meet, so's I can git a feel for the area when I come down there. How many peeps didja have ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I can give my perspective. First, I'd like to say that until I met Mark's wife (who has to actually live with him and the associated odor), my wife was the only living saint that I knew (because she actually lives with me and my odors). Anyway, he has a beautiful place and nice vivs. And, there are probably still drool marks from me on the glass of his red beach basti and salt creek vivs. There were probably 30+ folks there - about half from previous meets and half new. I put a lot of faces to names. It was great to meet Michael (poisonbeauties), who drove down from Tennessee, I think, and pick up some gorgeous bakhuis and some benedicta tads from him. Ask Mark about Michael's stylin' pants. Let's just say that he was easy to pick out in a crowd at Tropiflora. There were lots of trades and generous giveaways. The hot items were bug cultures. You know you are a geek when you are having a lively discussion about somebody's new dubia roach breeding pair. I try not to think how weird that is.

The trip to Tropiflora was fantastic. It was my first visit and I didn't know there were that many bromeliads in one place this side of the nearest rain forest. We all picked up some bargain plants and Alasdair filled his truck with a ton of plants with only latin names. When he opened the back of his vehicle, I swear I heard "Feed me Seymour". Al's amazing with all those scientific names at the tip of his tongue. Of course, he could be faking it since it was all Greek (actually Latin) to me. He was extremely generous, as usual, and gave me a piece of his cutting from a very rare plant he picked up from Tropiflora.

After the Tropiflora visit a big Thunderstorm blew in and we made it to the cars just in time. I rode over with Mark and he "accidently" nearly left me behind in the rain. I probably deserved it because I was giving him so much grief all day. There was much beer and many more bugs to trade when we got back to his place. Mark's wife almost slapped me upside the head when I pretended that the roach culture was open and empty - hehe.

All the frog people I've met are great folks and this meet just reinforced that. Oldtimers were giving advice to newbies without any hint of superiority or condenscending tone. I could do that every weekend. Let's plan the next one when you're in Florida Phil. My son wants me to talk more with you about catching exotic lizards in South Florida.

I wish I had pictures, but I'm sure some will turn up.

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