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Brom Clusters wanted
Looking For a couple Brom clusters. Something along the lines of fireball would be nice but any will work as long as they are at least one tadpole rearing sized. Seems nearly impossible to find any online, so please message me if you have any available.
I get most of my broms from he has a section for vivarium friendly. You can even message him and let him know what you're looking for.

I am here:,-117.120760
Thanks I messaged him.
I have about 6 clusters I'll be taking pictures of and posting soon. Most are unknown, with 2-4 pups each, but vivarium sized, and will range from $10-15. (coming soon!)
1.0 Cyclura cornuta
2.2.4 Uroplatus sikorae (2 clutches incubating)
1.2 Uroplatus lineatus
0.2 Tarentola chazaliae
2.1 Pachydactylus rangei
and more dart frogs and plants than I can count Smile

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