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Numerous Frogs for sale
Hello all,
..this is sort of my round 2 on clearing my non-obligates. I am concentrating on obligates now and it pains me to sell my stock animals but the tank space is full, real full and I have new custom vivs coming soon.

For the locals: I have a good number of 10 gal vert conversions, 15 gal vert conversions, 15 horiz with glass tops, 20 gal horiz and vert conversions, 30 gal horizontal tanks available.

With purchase [I'll make the price right, and will offer quantity discounts] they will have Leca or similar drainage, media full of isopods and springtails, leaf litter, moss, fully terrarium planted and ready for frogs....!!

Just plop on a shelf and add frogs. Locals buying tanks and frogs WILL get discounts! I am always more then generous.

For shipping or local:


Morph/species: Orange lamasi.
Lineage: Personal offspring from original 'red' pair from Phil Tank
Price break: 3/100$ juvis. Up to 6 available.

Morph/species: Inibico imitator 'Tarapoto'
Lineage: Personal offspring from my original INIBICO line frogs
Price break: one subadult, unsexed to add to your groups. 50$

Morph/species: Santa Isabella tricolor/anthonyi
Lineage: Offspring from Black Jungle line..
Price break: 1.2 suspected. Adult Holdbacks, from a large group of adults I split and sold. Last remaining trio I had kept for myself, deciding now to sell. 200$/ trio.

Morph/species: True 'Banded' imitator.
Lineage: Personal offspring from my Phil Tan line of breeders.
Price break: 5 available 3 mo old froglet to juvis. 75$ each, 3/200$, 5/300$

Morph/species: FG 'Banded' Leucomelas.
Lineage: Adult EU line from Sean Stewart. I kept these 2 in hopes of a pair [split from larger group]. No eggs yet.
Price break: 'pair' for 150$

Morph/species: 'Matecho' tinctorius
Lineage: Personal holdbacks from EU line [different from Stewart/ Butt], with solid backs.
Price break: Pairings of adult holdbacks. 185$/ pairing

Morph/species: Lamasi 'Green' from Understory
Lineage: UE imports. I ended up with 1.1 and 1.2 of the Lamasi. Both groups proven, both really big now [2x the size they were imported at, Im impressed with how large the morph gets]
Price break: 195$/ Proven pair

Morph/species: 1.1 Standard Highland Lamasi
Lineage: The Old lines from Tor.
Price break: 600$/ pair. This is a proven pair of breeders. I think it is an understatement to say this frog is almost lost in the US hobby, unfortunately.

Morph/species: 1.2 Lowland Fantastica
Lineage: Import frogs from UE, fantastic breeders with some great coloring. For me they are not shy at all, compared with other fant group animals. The tank needs 100% humidity and overgrown plantings to make it work. They like it wet.
Price break: 650$/ trio. Proven, perfect condition.

Morph/species: 1.1 Isla Colon 'Drago' pumilio
Lineage: I have a number of tanks set up of Colon, this Drago morph has been floating around the hobby in very limited #'s.
Price break: 650$/ pair. Proven breeding pair. Perfect condition.

Morph/species: Group of 6 breeding Buena Esperanza anthonyi
Lineage: EU imports from Sean Stewart.
Price break: 400$/ group. Heavy calling, at least 2 males. They need a wet tank, lots of ponds/puddles, and thick leaved plants for purches/ egg laying.

Morph/species: FEMALE fine spot leucomelas
Lineage: SS/Herpetologic.
Price break:150$. She is a beauty, almost completely reticulated. I just cant find a male for her. I have another juvi growing 'hopes'. He/it is available for 50$. Well along.

Morph/species: Bakhuis tinctorius.
Lineage: SS/Herpetologic EU imports
Price break:Appears to be 2.2 by my sexing. No eggs yet, but I would expect anytime now. They are adults that I grew out. I am very pleased with them, I am just moving away from the non-obligates. 300$/ group

Morph/species: 1.1 Highland Tricolor
Lineage: SS/Herpetologic EU imports
Price break: 600$/ pair. When was the last time you saw a breeding pair of highland tricolor? never mind juvis even. Someone needs to work with them, as they are fantastic.

Morph/species: 1.0.2 Cristobal pumilio
Lineage: Import male and 2 juvi offspring from a different pair. Great colors.
Price break: 275$/ Trio

Morph/species: 1.2 'blue' tricolor
Lineage: SS/Herpetologic EU imports
Price break: 210$/trio. Breeding group.

Morph/species: 1.3 French Guiana ventrimaculatus
Lineage: Understory, and old line once known as "Mark Pepper" yellow vents.
Price break: 275/ group of 4. Heavy breeders, you'll have piles of them in no time.

Morph/species: 'Chazuta' imitators. 1.0.2
Lineage: Understory imports.
Price break: I will take 275$/group. They are adult, and at this point NOT yet established in the US hobby as a stable population. Someone needs to work with them.

SHIPPING: I can ship with temps >39F both ends, SYR with insurance for live arrival guaranteed.

Sorry, I dont have a pic / frogroom thread here on DD yet.

** Now I do ask that folks please EMAIL me"> and not PM, and that if you are serious about purchase I will provide pics prior to shipping. I am extremely busy so I do ask that folks be considerate of email time/ and only contact if they truly want the frogs.

I will consider quantity discounts as usual, and may cover shipping completely on big orders.

Email if questions:

Shawn Harrington

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