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Best Subtrate and Moss to use ?

Well I've searched for threads on substrate but never got definite answer. I want to know from experienced breeders what is a good substrate to use for a viv AND which moss to use on top of it.

Not to rush but I am buying it later today and I want to know what to buy when I go to store...please hurry, Thanks.


I like to use a mix of eco earth coco bedding that comes in a compresed brick which expands in water, I mix that with spagnum peat moss 50/50.

for moss on top of that you can use either tropical pillow moss, or java moss (there are many other types ). java you just have to keep wet but regular spraying both need tons of light.

there are many other types of ground cover I dont always use something on top of the "soil" mix but other do.

I use Peat bricks from or if you are in the US.

Hmm I think I might try that co co bedding mx with sp. peat moss

CoCo bedding works well. If you have gravel under this make sure and get some screen or weed blocking fabric to keep the layers seperate.

Yup thats what I plan to do 8)

One tip: MAke Sure you expand the coco bedding before you put it in the tank. It should expand in a few hours.If you dont it will float once you add water. Its also a ton easier to work with once its moist.

I hear you moisten it first then bake it to dry it.

Only bake the stuff you are going to put over the great stuff/ silicone. It smells a bit funny. I cooked something on the stove to mask the scent so my girlfriend did not kill me.

The subtrate that is on the ground i would expand and then add to the aquarium/viv without drying out. Also note you do not have to bake it unless you are in a hurry. You can also just set it out in thin layers in the sun. Here in chicago it will be dry by the next day.

Thats true I guesss I will be doing that co co and peat moss mix for my subtrate layer....then I guess ill put some moss to grow on top of that

That sounds like a good plan.

If you have not been. GO check out they are the creme de la creme of viv designs. Always a good place for inspiration.

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