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What plants can I bleach treat?
Hey guys I know there is a lot of differen't ways of sanitizing plants, but I just got a huge order from NE Herp (plants look amazing by the way!) and was going to bleach treat them. I read somewhere you cannot or should not bleach some types of plants. If you could just tell me which ones I cannot bleach treat and how to do the others (submerse in water overnight?), I would totally appreciate it! Here is what I got:

Columnea carnival
ionantha fuego
Tillandsia Tenuifolia 'blue flower'
Columnea 'goldfish'
Hedera Helix
Neo 'Chiquita Linda'
Rabbits fern
and another Neo of some type
I'm not plant guru, but most plants can be bleach treated in a light -@ 5-10% bleach water solution and then quickly rinsed in fresh water.

I've never heard of overnight soaking. I'd be pretty scared of soaking like that.

Most broms and "tough" plants are good to go. I'd think then ferns ect would be a little more delicate.

Any particular reason you want to sanitize that stuff in the first place ?

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I read that you should always do this but you think ill be good if i just give em a nice rinse under water? Also I got a freshley started springtail culture with a little container of brewers yeast. How should I go about adding them to the viv? The viv is just starting to mold over as well.
Oh sorry it just says springtail food on the little container, not brewers yeast by the way.
Don't use soap on plants either. Soap residue sticks to everything. I don't use soap anywhere near a viv.

You can do the 5 to 10% bleach and water mixture in a clean bucket and hold the plants under water for a 1/2 min or so and then rise them thoroughly with fresh water and let air dry.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Cool thx for the quick reply Phil! You the man! Yea I read not to use soap after I had already done it. I rinsed em reall good tho and they seem to be doing well still. Excited to start mouting these bad boys! Ill throw some pics up when im done.
cool !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I wouldnt say soap should never be used. One of the best ways to get rid a the scale bug on broms is to use soap and water. A thorough rinse in fresh water is a must.

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If your really concerned about it, i do 5%-5% bleach-vinegar. That's what darren told me he does and its worked fine for him for many moons. I have never had an issue using this method, and i soak them about 15 minutes then rinse rinse rinse.... oh and rinse rinse. Not sure if the vinegar does any more or less for the process, but its how i started and hasn't failed me.
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