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Hello everyone!
Well i must say i have been steadily reading the forums for the past two weeks Big Grin,

My name is Dustin, I live in orlando Fl. I currently have a white lipped tree frog and i have been wanting to get into dart keeping as well. I was thinking about starting with Dendrobates auratus ? but im not sure. Figured I'd see what was around, and if anyone was in my area i could lean on a bit. Also, i snagged this setup from a local pet store, its 30 gallon, would it be a good starting place for darts? or should i keep my eye our for something else?

thanks so much for any help!
Welcome Dustin!
I'm new to dart keeping also so I'll refrain from offering advice. As I'm sure you found out while reading, this is a great place to learn!
In central NY

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Thanks, Yes It Is! Its overwhelming how much info is here, i can't stop browsing Big Grin, all i need now is to find a good breeder and get started!
Welcome! There are plenty of good breeders in Florida, shouldn't be a problem finding pretty much anything you would want. I would consider going a different route with your viv, those foam inserts aren't the best choice. You can put together a simple setup with just a drainage layer, good substrate, deep layer of leaf litter, and a couple of plants. Some curved pieces of cork as hides would be a good idea as well. Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask any questions.
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Thanks, I've been keeping an eye out for something to come up? Do you think I should just pitch the insert? Or would some modifications make it usefull? it was a good price for the tank and hood not worried about the innards
Hi Dustin and welcome to Dart Den. There are a few Orlando based froggers. You'll bump into them here shortly, I would think. Look around and read a lot and then ask questions / post, when you need more info. We are all here to help.


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Thank you. I will be sure too, of course once i get something going, untill then, I'll just keep browsing the forums learning all i can Big Grin

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