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"Life" -Sometimes you get to see it happen...
Sometimes, you get lucky enough to "see it happen"....

So...Craig, Rick and myself are standing behind the vendor table, having a great time looking at all the interesting sights of the Hamburg "Tax Refund" Reptile show when we were lucky enough to almost "see it happen".

Prior to this...Craig spotted a large rattlesnake coiled in it's clear plastic display tub - buzzing angrily for hours and hours. Craig remarked to me - "Man, I can't believe there isn't a regulation or law that prohibits just anyone from coming along and paying a few bucks for a venomous snake".

and then after a few hours..."IT" almost happened.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a typical "Reptile show attendee" - loose, oversize heavily worn grey sweatshirt with some possible fraying on the sleeves or even cut off sleeves...eyeballing the 'rattler. He then proceeded to pick up the tub (and snake) and hold it over his head - Frisbee style, so he could get 'a better look at the underside of the angry snake. Quickly I exclaimed "Craig..looklooklook", and Craig knew instantly what I meant. The guy was handling the snake tub like a hubcap - both hands, in a rough manner as he OBVIOUSLY was an expert with such dangerous animals and had done this many many times before (insert yet another fine mental image at this point, now).

I just kept saying "It's going to happen, it's going to happen".....but it didn't. He put the snake tub down and meandered down the aisle.

Oh too, just may get to "See It Happen".

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I think your quote was "wait for it..." That was funny as hell. We almost got to witness natural selection first hand.
Craig ?....Nothin' ??

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Sorry, busy day at work today, it was classic!!! I'll never forget that scene with Phil saying 'sometimes you get to see it happen,' as we watched in amazement at some local boob going nose-to-nose with some pissed-off rattler. On another note I am pretty sure I could have sold 1,000 azureus froglets there people were ready to spend money!
"Natural selection first hand" now that IS fabulous. how is it these guys can just drift through life never aware of how close they are, natural selection should have removed this gene pool eons ago,and yet they are still here
Bahahahahahaha Phil you had me reading on the edge of my seat!!!!!

lol way before i was into frogs i got to attend a Repticon and as soon as i saw the Venomous reptiles i stepped back and watch from the distance. (just out of respect to the animal) you never know when "IT may happen"

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