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Could someone provide contact info, PMs or post here, where I can get some reasonably price broms and the like? I recall once seeing an ad, a box of assorted broms for $50---that's the kind of package deal I'd like to find. A few froggers had mentioned some great sources at the Hamburg show this past weekend, but I don't recall the contact info now. Thanks! Ed
My experience with most package deals, you get tiny pups and low end stuff for your 50$.

I would suggest you spend a little more and buy direct from the growers, like Tropiflora or Michael's Bromeliads

Shawn Harrington
Thanks for the advice, Shawn. I appreciate the time you've taken from your busy schedule to help me out. I will definitely look into those growers.

I know Ray (Stemcellular) did a real nice offering for only $50, but I missed that one.

Also would like to say I am sorry to hear about the loss of your stripped retic. I know I will lose one eventually, but I couldn't handle the loss right now---I'd take it too personal, sell all my frogs and drive down to Phil's college in Florida and party with him every night! I mean, I'm assuming that's what he's doing! (lol)
Phil in Barber College??

Ed, email Michael, explain what you need and he will help you out. I havent been disappointed.

Shawn Harrington
Tropiflora will sell you "offsets" or pups are Shawn calls em'. You can get them for @ 2 bucks a piece but you will not get all one kind. They will send you a variety to include some "airplant" looking broms and a total of @ 35% of the order will not be well suited to our dart frog vivs and will die.

Now's not a time to get stingy Ed. You have a budding $$$$ collection. Spring for the good stuff !

I'll be attending Shawn's exact alma mater...and I'll be jogging his memory on Drinking /watering holes. No worries there.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Reading you loud and clear on not cutting corners. Been in contact with Bonnie at Verdant Vivariums. Seems to have a nice selection, supports both Dendroboard and Dart Den, very knowledgeable, and simply drop dead beautiful! Phil, Shawn will tell you that I'm a "Wanted Felon" on the "other site" with so many infractions, so my slate is clean here if you want to hit me for one here. But remember, you will be starting over again with frogging and I expect to be the Sports Doc or Richard Frye of frogging by then (lol)!

Seriously, thanks so much for all the assistance. Ed

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