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cobalt tinct singing
here is a video of my male cobalt singing but the female doesnt seem very interested what can i do?
Raise the humidity and/or temperature slightly.

Feed more, and be sure to use fresh and varied superfine powdered supplements and a powdered calcium.

Sometimes,certain frogs are not compatible and will not breed. Sometimes even if they bred for a previous owner...when you get them...they stop. You never know what can happen. Very hard to predict anything.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
well i put another female with him and just after 7 days togheter the female began chasing him
and they finally lay 3 eggs 2 days ago
Excellent videos Efren ! Me gusta.

Those are their first eggs ? If so, and due to the smaller number - only three....don't be upset if they turn out to be infertile. That's very common when a pair is first starting out. Following clutches should be a little larger / more eggs on average.

Always keep an eye on your supplements - vitamins and calcium....make sure they are good and fresh.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
thanks yes i know they may be infertile
Awesome videos. Thanks for sharing.
well the first ones were infertile but they laid 3 more 6 days ago
here yesterday
and they laid one more egg yesterday
today here are the 3 eggs with the tdpoles

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