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Residue on old fishtank ok ?

Okay, well the tank I am using for my viv. is an old 30 gallon freshwater fish tank. Well tonight while I was cleaning it out I found some white crusty residue from the evaporation of freshwater from the old tank. I scraped it and cleaned it as well as I can. But there is still some of it on the inner-trim of the tank that wont budge. Its very minimal and I just wanted to make sure that it wont hurt the vivarium that I am building.

Common sense says no because viv. will have evaporated freshwater too and that wont hurt frogs....but I felt safer asking. Thanks,


it will be fine, but if you want to get rid of it try vinegar and a fresh razor blade in a scraper.

I had the same issue, I used lemon juice to clean it off -got like 90% off. Frogs have been fine for last 6 months.

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