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Frog Day 2012 - Who's going ?
I just thought it could be fun to find out who is planning to attend. If you are vending or what you will be looking for, I myself have reserved some green auros, I jumped the gun but had wanted these for quite a while and they seem to be sporadically available. Other then some supplies I am not sure on anything else. Lynn will be there to monitor me and quite possibly spank me down lol!!!! It's probably a good thing or I might be out on the street begging change for gas to get back. I think it should be a great show, and since the Midwest Frogfest shut down we haven't really had much to attend.
I'll be vending for sure. I may not have frogs for sale, but I'll be there vending.

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I will be there vending. (I forgot to add, and speaking.)
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
Richard and I are planning on coming and vending. Will know for sure in the next couple weeks.
JJuchems Wrote:I will be there vending. (I forgot to add, and speaking.)

I should be there, if everything goes according to plan. What's the Topic Jason ?

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