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Tinc tads: when do they stop feeding?
We've got our first batch of attachibakka coming though morphout,as always i'm observing and questing for details.Our little guys seem to be popping 4 legs, the tail seems to have not shrunk when the legs pop at all and morphout is taking longer,so just slight differences to our other species,its these differences I'm curious about. I like to feed the tads right up till the last minute,but moved these tincs to morphout once the legs were clear,not wishing to get caught by a tad wishing to leave the water and drowning or just getting out before it was safe to do so. I'm sure they'll be ok but have a sneaking suspicion that they could have been left a day or two longer in their glass with grub,small details really,but I'm interested in the details of how others tackle this stage. Our superblues wait till right untill the tail has shrunk before leaving the water and stop feeding a couple of days after 4 legs have popped,mysties come out with half a tail,stop feeding maybe a day maybe two after 4 legs,just very slight differences but very clear patterns.So i'm really trying to use your experiance to pin the stage that they stop feeding more accurately,in a few batches I'll have this wired for these particular tincs, but hell why not ask and put abit more knowlegde out there not only for me but also for those coming behind
any thoughts guys?
the usual thanks in advance apply Big Grin

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