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Coco fiber and Peat moss - subtrate work ?

I was gonna use coco fiber and peat moss mixed at 50/50 ratio -will that work ? If so I'm just gonna buy peat moss at home depot because pet places near me charge too high for it.

As long as the peat moss is pure with no additives like fertilizer or weed control, it should be fine, I buy my pet moss from home depot but can't look at the package because I'm in London for the next two weeks.

will it say pure peat moss? or like non-fertilized...

Also is this a good plant subtrate I take it...

I would probably ratchet up the coco fiber percentage. Here is a good mix that is widely used.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Mix:
2 parts fine fir bark
2 parts fine tree fern fiber
2 parts milled sphagnum moss
1 part fine charcoal
1 part peat moss

I personally use 100% peat bricks. I consider the dutch to be the dartfrog gods so i usually mimic what they are doing.

Regardless of the mix just make sure there NO chemical additives or anything not natural. Frogs absorb everything through the skin.

Ive seen the mix before but where can I buy it already made?

If not....I can just do coco and peat moss 75/25 mixture and have a nice layer of moss on top of that

the fir/orchid bark and tree fern fiber or osmunda fiber will help with drainage. you might get away with not using them if your substrate layer is thin, but you risk making a very swampy tank which will rot the roots of your plants.

ANy U.S. based companies I can get all the ingredients for the mix.

Found it

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