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Waterfall help needed
I have been looking around about how to create a waterfall system for a tank i am putting together. I was told there is a material i can buy and mold my own waterfall area to any shape and size i want but i am not sure what i can use. Also i ran across a t rex rainforest foam i have been looking at. I have a exo terra 24"x18"x24" terrarium and i am putting real plants hydro balls and soil the whole nine yards. I was going to get the t rex foam and put it near the top about 3 inches from the top and have a down hill waterfall the whole way to the bottom so it runs through the whole tank. Any help i can get would really be fantastic! Thank you so much Big Grin

- I´d be glad to help you out... But can you be a bit more specific on the help you need? :wink:

Oh, and by the way... Welcome to Dart Den! Tongue
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Hey Chief,
Dont do it. Save yourself the headache - if you need movement just drop in a rio 50, but waterfalls are not worth effort and your viv is too small. I know it seems like a good idea, but you need to get it out of your system, which is why I suggest tinkering w a small pump for a corner puddle of water. That should generate enough frustration to do the job. : )

Scott - North Dallas
Ohh, I certainly recomend listening to Scott´s advice there... :!:

- But... Now as I have been "working hard" to find these(!) 8) :lol:
I will post this anyway for future inspiration, I know it is a great inspiration to me:

Evolution ... ure=relmfu

Finished product: ... re=channel

Flemming, Denmark. ... de-sumaco/
(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)
I'm not sure how it's going to work out since I haven't built it yet but in my 29 gal, I'm going to attempt to do a small waterfall. What I was thinking is to have a 3"x3" section in one of the back corners that I will build top to bottom with egg crate. Cover the egg crate with GS to make it part of my background. In the corner here, I'll be able to gain access to my pump if I need to. To feed the waterfall, I will have the pump coming up from a hose to a 3/8'' elbow that will come through the GS and egg crate but I won't silicone it in. Press fit should hold it in place. If I ever have serious issues, simply, unplug the pump and no more waterfall.
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Dont get me wrong. I love those waterfalls myself, but they are better for non frog display.
Scott - North Dallas

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my first viv has a waterfall but i have to be honest it cost me a small fortune to get it working properly and i ended up designing the whole thing around a centralised water fall, dont get me wrong im more than happy with the way it turned out but its something i will not be doing again in my smaller exo terra vivs, its a lot of work and takes up a tonne of space i could have used for more plants/ frog space

check the pics here

as u will see the space it takes up is mental i got 2 more exoterras a 45 x45 x45cm and a 45 x45 x60cm both will have a very small pool but nothing like the one in my first.
Id would recommend a larger tank for a water fall, at least a 3 foot tank if you are keeping ground dwelling frogs.

I think water features are awesome, but they need careful construction and planning.

Even the slightest cutting of corners exponentially increases the chance something will go drastically wrong.

However, dont let that discourage you from carefully planing one in a larger tank.

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