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D. leucomelas humidity requirements ?

"Required space is at least 35 liter per specimen, they are best kept in groups of 5 or more. They tend to choose a single mate of these groups and form steady pairs. The temperature should be high, around 26 degrees Celcius during the day. During the night the temperature can drop up to 20 degrees Celsius. Humidity should be high more than 90%"

That guy is saying I need 90% humidy or more for leucs....I always thought around 80-85% ?

Anyone help me here?

mine seem happy with 80%. didn't want to just leave you hangin there.

lol ok 80-85% should be fine then

80% + should work for all darts. Some have reported a drying out period has stimulated breeeding once the humidity goes back up. No scientific data to point you at just some peoples remarks.

For specific temps i look at the locale of the frogs in question the do some googles to the current temps. Some countries have weather stations in the jungle, look for that kind of data.

My pipe dream is to have everything hooked up to a computer and adjust according to the xml files spits out. I have much x-10 work in my future.

Stiches.. I like where you're going with that. Maybe bit "unnesessary" for the common herper, But a very good project in which alot can be learned; both about the frogs and other things.
Please keep us up to date of any further progress, or just ideas about this.


Weather report "it's raining in Brazil" Mist system kicks on.

"Cold front comming through" cooling fans turn on low.

"Huricane wipes out Brazil" Damn! I knew I shouldn't have hooked up the power washer.


Exactly what i was thinking.

Technically its all possible. I just need to find the right hardware for a good price. The good price is where im bogged down at the moment. There are existing Perl scripts out there , that can be modified. I setup my display tank with lots of circuits so everything can be controlled on its own. I have vacation coming up next week. Maybe i can find some goodies with my time off.

Quaz Wrote:Dang!


"Huricane wipes out Brazil" Damn! I knew I shouldn't have hooked up the power washer.

LMAO!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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