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My First Viv,
Hello Everyone,

Well after some interesting ordeals on Craigslist trying to find a decent tank, i finally got a 55g long for rather cheap.

After some final browsing i decided that it would be better to get the first few steps out of the way since it seems that you guys recommend to let it air our as long as possible after this step. So im doing just that. I went out to the local home improvement store and got the recommended silicon from here, and started with that, I had intentions of laying out some wood pieces to get a feel for when I GS later this week,but alas, no one had anything that caught my eye. I also looked at some broms at some local places, but everything in those places was MASSIVE. and also blooming?

anyways, heres some pics of the tank with a layer of silicon, sorry for the dark ones, Florida weather got to me and i had to pause at some points.
I hope to find some wood to get a mock up of something later this week :lol:

Thanks for any help/Critiques

And somehow i posted to the wrong forum DOH! ><
Not to worry - we have software that sorts all that stuff out. Cost's a mint , but hey...

55 gallon tanks always intrigued me - seemed like the would be great to display a huge wall or broms. Just so happens, you are in the brom capitol of the world - Mid to South Florida, so you should be good.

Great start. a nice wood feature, maybe a really long piece running the whole length of the back wall may look smashing and you could affix all those broms to it. I'd personally go for many smaller broms than just a few bigger ones. I'd get like 20 or so for that back wall alone.

Keep us posted...looks good.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I havent Gotten a lot done on the Viv this week, Still searching for that perfect piece of wood,....

But on another note got a box in the mail today with these lil guys Smile
Happy saint patty's day everyone!

I made some progress today, Was hoping for a little advice

Got the egg crate installed, It sits a little over 0ne inch above the floor,

mocked in an emergency bilge pump as well. Doubt I'll ever need it but I'd Rather be prepared then caught with my pants down.

I was thinking about the Clay balls for underneath the egg crate, any thoughts? or would the (vermiculite?) or something be better

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