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Mold - How bad ?
Hey everyone

Managed to get home in one piece yesterday from that Great trip to Colombia I had....

Since I was obviously not present to keep up with the vivarium (*with no frogs yet) I noticed mold on the back piece of slate/wood and on a piece of wood i GE to the background.

now would that be bad to the point of killing the frogs, springtails, isopods???

(how can I control it?)

on the second note I managed to loose the only culture of Giant Isopods and I am very boomed about that. I think my mistake was that i kept them in a very small environment prior the trip i though i was upgrading but i think it was back words and they just died or could have been something else not sure....


PS: Photobucket is getting loaded with pics!!
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Mold is almost never a problem...springtails will actually eat it. You can take a papertowel and remove it, if you want and it probably won't grow back. Won't hurt the frogs either.

Glad you made it back safely....looking forward to those pics.

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