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Venting 'vert' converted tank
On the kits I have looked at for the vert conversion I see it is always an screened opening in one form or another. It seems like it is not an adjustable thing though, and I'm afraid that it would be too much ventilation for our house.(which tends to be dry from heating in winter, and air conditioning in summer. Ex. right now it is 36% humidity here.)
Viv's that I have stay fine, but there is limited venting. One is ZooMed with glass on top (therefore adjustable, and the other is an aquarium with a glass lid, no built in vents but is opened at least once a day etc.

I see a few verts that have venting at the top and the bottom, but more that are vented only at the top... it seems like I read, and it seems logical that there is a better exchange with the top/bottom ones. Then I come back to the question of humidity.

Thoughts, Suggestions, Experiences?
In central NY

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cut a "to-fit" piece of clear plastic craft store sheeting to cover the vent and use clear tape on top to make a little flap out of it. Adjustable.....take it off...tape it on....tape it half covering the vent.....

What I used to do with my small vert kit grow-out 10 gallons...

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