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Help with Mold in my viv....
I used the buttermilk method about 3 weeks ago to try and get some moss growth. Now in some areas im starting to see what looks like very small tiny white balls that appear to look like mold. They seem to be kinda furry and attached together. Does anyone know what this is ?
If its a new viv, it will mold they all do. It should clear up in a few days to a few weeks.
I would love to know the opinions of some of the more established froggers from this forum on this subject. Please someone post some more info!
I too used a buttermilk method to disastrous effect. Over 1 1/2 months later and my Viv is still covered in fluffy white mold. Can someone with good hard facts and some reliable expertise please respond to this and help us newer froggers out?

Thanks in advance!
I have not used the buttermilk method.
What I can say is that out of the vivs I have taken time to build backgrounds, there are two that have mold that overgrows some areas, seems will always have mold that overgrows some areas no matter what I do. The suggestion that all of this mold will disappear on its own is not always true. Tanks do go through a short cycling period but from what I have found , if you have mold growing in you viv after a few months , you are most likely stuck with it. I have tried picking it off, only to see it come back .
Not scientific minded enough to give a certain reason for this, but don't expect all of your mold to always go away. It does make for springtail snacking.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
Thanks Rich!
I am glad this post got your attention. I do have some more questions in regards to the mold however. Is the mold harmfull to the frogs? You mention it is beneficial for springtails will this possibly help create a continuous culture? Lastly (and this is to satisfy the lovley Gretchen) is having mold in the vivarium harmful to humans?

I appreciate your responce greatly.
Hey Jace,
The mold will not hurt either frog or frogger. I would actually rather have no mold than fuzzy extra springtail food, but in those two cases I do not have a choice. I live with it.
BTW ,the two that do have the mold are two very productive breeder tanks.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
I have been trying to get some moss to grow in my Viv for a while now. I had just about given up on it till I saw this post. Maybe I missed the others since I am fairly new to all this. Could someone explain what the buttermilk method is and how you would implement it with a tank that already has frogs in it? Thank you so much for all who post this has been very informative to me and has allowd my frogs to thrive they are very active and are not shy at all.
Hello and welcome to the board.
If you are new I do recommend reading everything you can in the forums. The Buttermilk method is described in Setup and Construction - My first Vivarium. posted by yours truly. Read the entire post before using the buttermilk method or you may experience the problems I did. The bottom line is only use a very small amount of buttermilk in your mix or tons of moss could dominate your VIV.
Hope that helps and good luck!

Oh and Rich do you have a preffered method for getting moss to grow? specificaly on vertical surfaces?

Just notice you said you wanted to implement moss with your frogs already in the VIV. Just my gut feeling but I wouldnt use the buttermilk method with the frogs in the tank. For ground cover just lay out "carpets" of clean dirt free moss onto the substrate and keep moist that is the best you can do.
Thanks Avarax, After reading your posts on the setup and construction page I do not think I will be doing the buttermilk method while there are frogs in the tank. But I will definatly use that method the next time I put a tank together. I currently have 9 tanks that I am working on to slowly put together for frogs of all types. I know what I want the tanks to look like sort of I just do not know yet what type of darts will go in them. Thank you for the help.
I forgot to ask where is a good place to get moss and what types will do well in a viv? I am in Texas and the local nursery here thinks I am insane for wanting moss. I check there almost once a week to see if they have ordered me some and so far the two types I tried did not do well. but they required full sun. At least that is what the packing said. Thanks alot. Where do you live that you are lucky enough to get drift wood and moss from nature? When I lived in Montana that would have all been too easy to get but well Texas at least where I am at is not known for its large bodies of water or for its lush mossy forests. Haa haa
i'm not sure what they have for mosses, but cloud jungle epiphytes has an amazing website geared to viv keepers. black jungle also has a cool website and some mosses.

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