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John Carter of Mars Movie - At last!
Ok Sci-fi buffs ... if your out there...

What did you think?

I loved it. It was worth waiting some 30 years... lol (from when I discovered ERB) The biggest problem for most folks will be they mistake this classic as a copy cat, when it is really the grand daddy that inspired all the other scifi movies. I had all the books, but some are missing now including the first two, so cant read and remember the fidelity to the movie version.

Disney made Woola too cute, although they may have saved the movie from becoming all about violence etc that some film houses might have pushed. There were enough great things about the movie that some occasional bad lines can be overlooked.

I will definitely buy on blueray

Scott - North Dallas
AWESOME movie...I'm going to see it for the second time tomorrow as a matter of fact. 3-D was stunning !

VERY faithful to the novels and well directed and cast. Too bad Disney didn't do Conan too.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I started reading those books in the early 1960's and loved them, along with the Tarzan series. My father recommended them to me and he's read them in the early 1930's. The movie was great.


Charles Powell

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