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Mixing species questions
Before I ask about mixing I'd just like to ask if everybody could not respond with comments like I don't suggest that our don't do it our call me names. I'm aware of the hot debates over mixed species but was just wondering if anyone has had success mixing phyllobates vittatus with any other species. I have a single frog now in a very large tank. Thanks!
Welcome to DartDen.

- Found some reading for you! :wink:




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Hi there.

No huge lecture...but some reading:


It's a long thread and possibly kinda dry, but it will be a good test. If you blow it off or don't see any important info in there....then's there nothing anyone can tell you anyway.

Basically, if that vivatus is your first frog and you have only a few months in the hobby....then you will most likely fail, and quickly.

Mixed species vivaria are best left until one has a lot of experience with darts in single species vivaria first.

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Thanks everybody for the reply! I intend to just research nonstop until I feel like I can't learn anymore...then research some more...I know I'm nowhere near experienced enough but I was just wondering for the possible future... Smile

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